Friday, 22 February 2013

Yogy Kreations Tribal gypsy statement copper necklace with turquoise beads

Freshly made this Tribal inspired gypsy copper layered turquoise necklace..I polished and upload on my Yogy Kreations store.
Handcrafted by me at my workshop, sharing few pics of this new statement piece at my shop..Enjoy!! <3 <3
Yogy Kreations eco ethical Jewellery
Yogy Kreations eco ethical Jewellery
Yogy Kreations eco ethical Jewellery

London fashion week 17 Feb 2013

Sunday was colorful and bright as the designers show cased the spring 2013 collection in a gorgeous themes and up beat songs..

Check the pics out, excuse the  iphones, ipads and cameras all in to take the pics..they were obstructing the view but sitting at the end gets best and less hazy pics...

My fav was Brian Chan, his collection was colorful, bright and just right for spring..simply happy to see that someone other than me loves colors and combines them so well.

Loved the red carpet ready pretty gowns by Sara, loved the black with gold shimmer.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

London fashion week 2013

It was fab visiting London Fashion week AW and spring collections by talented designers. SIMPLY AWESOME!!!

Sharing few pics and colors and patterns with you all. Pics below are highlights of day 1

Friday, 15 February 2013

New sterling silver cuff bracelet with pink rhinestones

Just finished making this gorgeous cuff bracelet. I love this as one can wear it during the day and evening as well. Can be worn both sides...the plain silver side and the pink rhinestone ends to add color to your evening..

It will be uploaded soon to my etsy shop

X <3

Friday, 8 February 2013

Purple necklace, green agate mother pearl tassel necklace, Daisy silver Jewelry, yellow crystals, freshwater white pearls sterling

The inspiration of this necklace comes from Purple daisy flower petals. The purple mother pearls and white fresh water pearls along with green agate and yellow crystals on sterling silver chain form this pretty gorgeous necklace jewelry.

This necklace is a perfect gift for a fashionable & stylist loved one. Looks gorgeous around neck... handcrafted by me.

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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Hoops, bead crystal Earrings

Turquoise blue earrings, red hoop earring, dangle earrings, sterling silver hoops, freshwater pearl earring, blue red jewelry, sterling silver earrings

Made with blue turquoise chips and reconstituted red coral round beads on sterling silver hoops; handmade with love:)

70-75mm approx long.

 Golden beaded on a silver plated copper wire; the hoop dangle earring is in a teardrop shape and a perfect gift for a fashionable & st ylist loved one.
70-75mm approx long. Handcrafted in London

I made this bright earring thinking of Christmas - the lights, brightness & golden spark
It looks gorgeous and matches perfectly with the turquoise gold necklace

Contact me and I make custom orders & special prices for bulk orders (bridesmaids). Please get in touch for bulk orders.

Blue pearl earrings, sterling silver hoop earrings, cobalt blue crystals jewelry, freshwater pearl earring, sterling silver dangle, white pearl drop earrings

Made with cobalt blue glass crystals and freshwater white rice pearls on sterling silver hoops

Elegant light yellow and blue glass crystal with silver chain to make drop dangle earrings. A perfect gift for a fashionable & stylist loved one. It is elegant and suits every occassion.
70mms approx long. Handcrafted by me.  

Green hoop earring, emerald sterling silver jewelry, silver oval hoop earring, crystal earring, egg shaped hoop dangle earring

Made with emerald green glass crystals on sterling silver oval hoops

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