Thursday, 6 December 2012

Crosses are in

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Cross pendant necklace are so in...I make these in a contemporary fashion with loads of seed beads wrapped with copper wire.

That day I went for a nature walk in the foot of Himalayan mountain and saw this beautiful Peacock walking on the side of a walking route with mountains in the background.

 I couldn't wait to come back and start creating this gorgeous cross pendant with peacock coloured seed beads on a gold coloured copper wire.

The other day....

I handpicked some semi precious stones from a small store in my Mom's home town in Himalayan mountains. When I opened my shopping, I realised that I was accidently given a wrong shopping packet by the store.

These were crystals of different colours & they looked radiant on my hand against the sun light at the porch of my house.

I couldn't finish my tea and I immediately rushed inside to my workshop to get some silver plated wire and made these beautiful crosses with various coloured crystals.

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65 mm approx long; handcrafted with Love.
Pendant is made with beautiful Red/blue/light blue/white rhinestone crystals and silver plated copper wire, perfect gift for a fashionable loved one. It looks gorgeous around neck.

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The Red Blue and light blue crosses are made with crystals in a contemporary style. 

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